Sealing expansion and control joints in your concrete

We get posed this inquiry constantly. What material ought to be utilized to fill a current extension joint or control joint in a solid garage? Polyurethane caulking is the best material for this task and is accessible in self leveling or non hang assortments. Self leveling materials must be utilized in extension joints where there is no slant. Non hang materials require tooling so as to streamline them. Polyurethane can be tooled with an assortment of devices yet a latex glove and your finger will work fine and dandy. Likewise, have some dish cleanser and water convenient. Plunge your finger in the dish cleanser and water and run your finger along the joint to streamline it. The water and cleanser won’t hurt the caulking. This just applies to non droop materials. Self Leveling polyurethane discovers its own level and makes this task a hell of much simpler.

Here are some different tips to assist you with completing this activity properly!

Extension Joints silicone joint sealing

Decide the width and profundity of the extension joint. A decent general guideline is the profundity of the caulking ought to be half of the width. This will give a decent measurement for the caulking to stay at its ideal adaptability. On the off chance that the extension joint is extremely profound, consider utilizing patron pole in the joint to guarantee you get the globule thickness wanted. For example if the development joint is 1/2″ wide, set the sponsor bar to a 1/4″ profundity. The benefactor pole ought to be marginally greater than the development joint to permit the supporter pole to pack into the joint and grow against the sides of the joint. On a 1/2″ development joint, pick a 5/8″ measurement benefactor bar. The supporter pole satisfies two purposes. It sets the profundity of the caulking, and the caulking won’t adhere to the supporter bar which implies the caulking will just have two sided grip and just move one way. Staying away from three sided bonds will enhance the physical qualities of the sealant.

Imagine a scenario in which the extension joint is about level with the solid surface. The development joint should be chopped down at least a 1/4″ beneath the solid surface. Additionally, the extension joint must be confined too. Fiber tape can be set over the development joint material preceding caulking. This will guarantee that the caulking doesn’t adhere to the extension joint forestalling three sided bond.

The sides of the development joint must be spotless all together for the sealant to stick. A wire wheel or wire brush can be utilized to achieve this. Clean the joint after with high weight water in any case, the joint must be dry while applying the sealant. Applying a polyurethane over head of a sodden or wet joint will bring about the sealant percolating. In the event that there is worry of polyurethane staying, there are solid preliminaries accessible that will help with the bond of the item.

When the sealant is applied 1/16″ underneath the solid surface, you ought to secure the region until the polyurethane becomes tack free. This will generally take 1-2 hours at 23 degrees celcius. A decent method to do this is to cover the caulking with a #32 work sand. When the caulking has relieved, clear up or overwhelm the sand. This will give the caulking a decent grainy normal look that will mix well with the current cement.

Control Joints

Control joints or saw cuts ought to be tended to equivalent to above. The control joint can be loaded up with patron bar or even sand. Filling the saw cut is required as control joints are 1/4 the thickness of the solid. On a 4″ piece, that is a 1″ profound saw sliced and no one need to utilize that much caulking. Fill the saw cut 1/4″ to 3/8″ beneath the solid surface and continue as above.

It would be ideal if you see the connected video which was found on youtube. This organization experiences quite a few stages for finishing this undertaking.


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