Pereira Diamond: Benefits Management Framework

Nowadays businesses are challenged day by  diamond price      day to preserve their business running with the aid of constantly adding cost to its stakeholders in a sustainable manner. In order to acquire that, business managers are required to have a clean organizational vision, assignment and a nicely-installed commercial enterprise method mixed with a fixed of portfolio of projects toward changing strategic goals into business fee. Although this is a clean concern within the maximum of control and government groups, most people of them are not able to become aware of the blessings every initiative will deliver neither how an awful lot they represent moneywise, effortlessly leading to a complete “funding-in-failure”. The disaster context collectively with the big pace of technology advancements, the strength of social networking and marketplace globalization are triggering groups to rationalize and optimize their resources at the same time as commercial enterprise managers are pressurized to supply successful effects. Another challenge is the fact enterprise managers are becoming “tempted” to tighten their budgets and comply with a cost-manipulate management approach because it turns to be the maximum immediate manner to get a wonderful impact at the P&L. However, in a long term, it’ll compromise the company growth and the potential to create sustainable wealth to the stakeholders. This is where capital investments play a key role to support revolutionary projects’ implementation which explains the worldwide increase finances available for brand spanking new investments, the capital expenditure (capex). But even though new mission proposals justify the want of growing budget, why do most of tasks nevertheless fail on delivering consequences? Despite the nicely superior task control strategies to manage tasks successfully (triple constraint criteria: scope, finances and time) are groups choosing the maximum valuable initiatives? If sources aren’t endless, companies need to comply with a reliable appraisal model to choose the projects in an effort to deliver the maximum treasured return on investment. The ability to remedy a marketplace need with a excessive price for money in the time-to-market is critical, so knowing what, whilst and a way to invest following a rigorous technique is becoming an crucial business ability across each commercial enterprise quarter. Since projects are investments which intend to maximise return then enterprise cases and advantages control are a effective tool to guide top control selections. This paper gives the conceptual basis, perspectives and tips for effective task investments, primarily based on the worldwide first-rate practices for commercial enterprise cases. Besides the literature evaluations and research accrued to date approximately this challenge, the very last conclusions presented are sustained at the consequences collected from a sample of corporations across exceptional sectors who have been invited to take part on this studies. This research suggests that the Pereira Diamond approach to blessings control has a robust contribution to a hit investment choices in the direction of the maximization of the return on funding for this reason the price advent to the enterprise stakeholders
: Strategic Piramid (Cláudia Teixeira, 2014)
: Strategic Piramid (Cláudia Teixeira, 2014)

Pereira Diamond 1 st and 2 nd Levels three.1.1. Business Increase If a mission’s ambition is to boom commercial enterprise, then the assignment is hooked up to the “outside” (marketplace). A venture inside this size, its inherent purpose is to increase the enterprise’s effects, on the sales aspect, through: A. Increase marketplace share via portfolio diversification or new geographic areas (product improvement or marketplace development, respectively). It ambitions to boom income quantity by way of attracting new customers. B. Increase cross-selling (promoting extra of other products/provider to modern-day customers). It objectives to increase income extent via the satisfaction of cutting-edge clients. C. Increase up-promoting (promoting greater of the equal product/carrier to cutting-edge customers). It goals to growth income extent via the pride of current clients. D. Increase client loyalty (growth customer lifestyles cycle). It targets to boom the time the customer remains in the employer via preserving them for longer, ie keeping off disruption of the connection.
Pereira Diamond 1 st and a pair of nd Levels 3.1.1. Business Increase If a project’s ambition is to growth enterprise, then the undertaking is connected to the “outdoor” (marketplace). A venture inside this size, its inherent aim is to growth the organization’s results, on the revenue side, via: A. Increase marketplace proportion through portfolio diversification or new geographic areas (product development or market improvement, respectively). It objectives to increase income volume by attracting new customers. B. Increase move-promoting (promoting greater of other merchandise/service to current clients). It aims to boom sales extent via the pride of modern clients. C. Increase up-promoting (promoting extra of the equal product/carrier to modern-day clients). It objectives to growth sales quantity through the pleasure of cutting-edge customers. D. Increase patron loyalty (boom consumer existence cycle). It objectives to growth the time the patron stays inside the company by using retaining them for longer, ie averting disruption of the relationship.

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The International Journal Of Business & Management (ISSN 2321 –8916) www.Theijbm.Com 47 Vol 3 Issue 3 March, 2015 THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT Pereira Diamond: Benefits Management Framework 1. State-of-the-Art 1.1. The Competitive Market Context Nowadays, the globalization, the electricity of technologies and the social networking have led to an competitive marketplace opposition. Meanwhile, resources are getting scarce, consisting of financial, human resources and time, hence the pressing want to rationalize them to their utmost a good way to, no longer most effective “live on” however grow inside the modern business global. There is no area for mistakes and no place for wastes. The tolerance for control errors is getting tighter whilst their level of responsibility and duty for decisions is growing, every day. In order to be continuously able to growing price, commercial enterprise managers are required to first of all have a clear organizational imaginative and prescient, mission and a well-described business approach mixed with a fixed of portfolio regeneration closer to changing strategic dreams into enterprise value. Figure 1 represents a strategic pyramid composed of relevant steps closer to the mixing and alignment from method to tactic and operational tasks and sports. Claudia Sofia Bento Teixeira Master’s Student, ISCTE Business School, Lisboa, Portugal Leandro Luis Ferreira Pereira Professor, ISCTE Business School, Lisboa, Portugal Abstract: Nowadays agencies are challenged daily to preserve their business walking with the aid of constantly including cost to its stakeholders in a sustainable manner. In order to gain that, enterprise managers are required to have a clean organizational vision, assignment and a nicely-hooked up business strategy mixed with a hard and fast of portfolio of tasks toward converting strategic desires into enterprise cost. Although this is a clear difficulty within the maximum of management and executive teams, the majority of them are unable to pick out the benefits every initiative will deliver neither how a great deal they represent moneywise, without problems leading to a entire “funding-in-failure”. The crisis context together with the massive pace of era improvements, the electricity of social networking and marketplace globalization are triggering businesses to rationalize and optimize their assets whilst enterprise managers are pressurized to supply a success effects. Another problem is the truth business managers have become “tempted” to tighten their budgets and observe a fee-manipulate control technique because it turns to be the most immediate manner to get a positive effect on the P&L. However, in a protracted term, it will compromise the corporation increase and the capability to create sustainable wealth to the stakeholders. This is in which capital investments play a key position to help revolutionary projects’ implementation which explains the global growth price range available for new investments, the capital expenditure (capex). But despite the fact that new undertaking proposals justify the need of increasing funds, why do maximum of tasks nevertheless fail on handing over effects? Despite the properly superior undertaking control strategies to manipulate projects effectively (triple constraint standards: scope, finances and time) are companies deciding on the maximum valuable tasks? If assets are not countless, groups ought to comply with a dependable appraisal model to pick out the projects in an effort to deliver the most treasured go back on investment. The potential to clear up a marketplace want with a high price for cash within the time-to-marketplace is important, so understanding what, while and the way to make investments following a rigorous approach is becoming an essential enterprise skill across each commercial enterprise quarter. Since tasks are investments which intend to maximize return then commercial enterprise instances and blessings management are a powerful device to aid top control choices. This paper provides the conceptual foundation, views and tips for effective task investments, based on the worldwide first-rate practices for business instances. Besides the literature critiques and research collected thus far approximately this situation, the very last conclusions offered are sustained on the outcomes amassed from a pattern of companies across one of a kind sectors who have been invited to take part on this research. This studies suggests that the Pereira Diamond technique to blessings management has a sturdy contribution to successful funding decisions toward the maximization of the go back on funding hence the fee creation to the commercial enterprise stakeholders.
The International Journal Of Business & Management (ISSN 2321 –8916) www.Theijbm.Com forty eight Vol 3 Issue three March, 2015 Figure 1 : Strategic Piramid (Cláudia Teixeira, 2014) In the current competitive aggressive marketplace, having the suitable tools, resources and know-how to make the proper control selections are key to any commercial enterprise fulfillment. 1.2. The State of the Art Project fulfillment dimension is a topic which nonetheless calls for a few improvements because the efficiency of the technique (time / budget / scope) remains dominant as opposed to effectiveness of the assignment investment thru organizational blessings generation (O. Zwikael and J. Smyrk, 2012). This method project definitions and methodologies in area nonetheless ignore a applicable measurement, the generation and awareness of advantages at some stage in the challenge control cycle. (Müller and Turner, 2007). The project control experts andrelated literature remains very focused on venture deliveries which ends up neglecting the tasks’ supposed advantages (Ashurst, Doherty and Peppard, 2008). Although there are improvements on challenge control strategies to assist in dealing with tasks efficaciously are companies choosing the best tasks? If resources aren’t countless, groups want a dependable appraisal version to choose the initiatives on the way to deliver the maximum valuable go back on investment. 1.Three. The Business Case Role In the modern-day speedy-paced global of business only a few businesses create enterprise cases or gift a cost-advantage evaluation while analyzing a capability funding. However, are groups the use of it in the right terms and procedure? Are they related to the proper stakeholders? Are they using reliable facts with the suitable gear and techniques? Is there any tracking plan during the Business Case implementation and an ex put up-assessment? Is pinnacle control nicely aware of the predicted go back on investment? Are the stakeholders involved accountable, responsible and liable for the records provided? While very regularly enterprise cases are based on unreliable records and subjective assumptions, they’re typically used with the goal of securing resources and funding and as soon as the initiatives get implemented the advent of cost is seriously compromised. In truth, taking the incorrect selections come to be destroying cost, both because the real amount of investment and new operational costs (opex) were higher than previously envisioned or whilst benefits estimated had been over positive or both simultaneously. Very regularly, choice makers additionally without problems fall to face up to to the powerful forces that pressure them to the favored answer. Most agencies are suffering to observe a clear method and acquire dependable statistics a good way to estimate the blessings leveraged by a brand new funding. For a a success enterprise case it’s far vital that the good judgment and numbers arise and offer a clear evidence of records keeping off any twist of the projected fact. The business case have to result at the quality projected future effects and not based totally on a subjective and irrational expectation or choice. An powerful enterprise case assists the management team in comparing whether a specific investment will make contributions to attain a commercial enterprise want, subsequently the relevance of the benefits’ purpose playing an essential position into the commercial enterprise case which affects (advantages) are measured in financial phrases (Schmidt, 2009). According to BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge, a globally diagnosed popular for the practice of business analysis), a business want may additionally come from 4 origins: 1. Top down – a want to acquire a strategic goal 2. Bottom-up – a problem with the contemporary kingdom of a procedure, function or system
The International Journal Of Business & Management (ISSN 2321 –8916) www.Theijbm.Com forty nine Vol 3 Issue three March, 2015 3. Middle Management – a manager wishes extra records to assist their choices or wishes new functionalities to acquire the commercial enterprise desires four. External Sources – because of 0.33 parties, legal compliance or market competition Once the business desires are identified,the enterprise case becomes helpful on imparting insightful records on which answers proposed will higher in shape the trouble, need or opportunity suggested and therefore support pinnacle control selections on knowing what, how and whilst to make investments assets towards maximizing enterprise fee. 1.Four. Statistics and Other Studies Although the blessings control remains a topic below improvement, some professionals have already determined hobby to pursue some studies on how much companies care and practice the benefits reason as a chief motive force for initiatives choice and management. The outcomes from a countrywide (UK) survey conducted through APM (Association for Project Management) indicates the robust proof ofa price manipulate management subculture inside the corporations surveyed: 54% of respondents indicated that price reduction is a primary motive force of initiatives and programmes of their organisation (Glynne, Peter,& Williams, Rod (2009). Although turning into value powerful is a contemporary concern and a start line, on a long time the company might also start compromising the commercial enterprise if the principle awareness is on prices discount. According to John Kotter’s article at the Harvard Business Review, Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School in Boston, “Up to 70% of exchange projects fail to deliver at the advantages that they set out to reap”. Kotter, emphasizes that realising advantages can’t be the obligation of only the venture or programme supervisor but as a substitute, it desires to be a partnership approach among the managers delivering change and those in ‘commercial enterprise as common’ (Kotter, 1995). He reminds that often “while a programme closes, the changes are still being embedded and enormous blessings are yet to be realised” (Kotter, 1995) A greater current have a look at performed in September 2014 via APM Benefits Management SIG (Specific Interest Group) undertook a questionnaire survey to find out how blessings control is considered inside the organisations that its members work for. The respondents were almost all based inside the UK and worked in a wide spread of industrial sectors.One of the questions become: “By widening the focus to the whole corporation, to what quantity is blessings questioning fundamental to the wider method to management, from approach to operations?” to which forty.Five% responded it is “susceptible benefits awareness” plus 23.Eight% as a “very susceptible advantages recognition”. The survey also indicates “there is a need for steering and high-quality exercise examples on how benefits management might healthy inside the usual technique to organisational trade and venture/programme/portfolio control (APM, 2014)”. The authors also noted that even as thinking about distinct nature of companies (one of a kind types of firms and industrial sectors), blessings practices can not be a “one length fits all” technique, however instead desires to be tailored to unique contexts. The founding father of ROI Institute, Phillips expresses the increasing want on key executives becoming aware of their projects’ ROI: “The use of the ROI Methodology has intensified at some stage in this international recession, as agencies of all types have used this methodology to determine which programs to remove, which to hold and which to fund in the destiny. (…) As greater organizations pop out of the recession, key executives are disturbing ROI up the front, before a assignment is applied. Because there may be a want to avoid wasteful spending and pointless costs to keep the enterprise lean, executives are asking for a forecast of ROI in advance”(Phillips, 2011). Although there is reputation at the want of benefits control there are still a touch movement and desire to actively pursue and embed a benefits control tradition. 2. Research Methodology In order to validate Pereira Diamond’s conceptual version effectiveness, numerous businesses throughout different sectors were asked to apply the counseled model over some of their initiatives appraisal. After helping them and validating that the method was followed, it became asked to every of them the very last ROI (go back on investment) performed at the give up of the project exploitation. As tasks may additionally have distinct lifecycles durations, it changed into required to the members to recall projects up to 2 years. A name for participation inside the study was completed to ask the specialists chargeable for this subject or with high stage of involvement in those duties within their corporation placed in Portugal. Of the50 invites to take part in this research, we obtained a total of twenty-two respondents (44%), from 6 extraordinary sectors. Out of the responses obtained, 7 have been from Transports, 8 from Banks, 1 from Telecommunications, 2 from Energy, 1 from Retail and 1 from Public Administration sectors. Three. Conceptual Model: Pereira Diamond three.1. The Benefits Rationale and the Four Benefits Dimensions Facing a context where resources are scarce and unpredictable constrains, groups need to determine as to which investments they should make investments that maximize the most business fee. If agencies are presently living in a aggressive marketplace where clients’ desires are usually changing, then the ability to manage the inner resources (employees), “concentrate” to the market and convert that valuable facts into innovative projects are key to keep developing price to customers and wealth for organizations. This is where the analysis of new projects via commercial enterprise instances, turns into an essential car to assist top control changing the organization method into execution. Why? Because to foster commercial enterprise boom, energize personnel and attract new customers continuously, organizations want to make investments– make investments the sources inside the initiatives with a view to deliver wonderful consequences and generate wealth to the business. This is in which Business Cases practices based totally on medical management have a essential position on the decision-making manner.
The International Journal Of Business & Management (ISSN 2321 –8916) www.Theijbm.Com 50 Vol 3 Issue three March, 2015 In order to observe a rational, objective and independent process, the Business Case have to comply with a systematic control principle in the direction of the stop aim of getting special human beings accomplishing the same or very similar outcomes’ estimation, whilst analysing underneath the same situations / conditions. Investments must be extra predictable, heading off deviations to scope, finances and time body, otherwise agencies will hold facing the risk of now not developing cost to the enterprise. Furthermore, this requirement is also pondered in a higher price for money, searching for to extract the maximum value from investments, otherwise the opportunity price can be extremely high. Learning on how to invest within the proper tasks is synonymous to organizational regeneration closer to prosperity. Considering that any business manager task is to maximize wealth and constantly create delivered value, organizations must start from defining initiatives’ blessings, instead of looking completely for the financial fee. A challenge’s starting place inside an organization, is bounded by means of the 4 dimensions supplied. Pereira Diamond Model gives these four dimensions because the primary causes for a undertaking “delivery”. But firstly, in order to discover the in accordance dimensions, it is crucial to endure in mind the principle of the value of something, which is measured by way of the effect of getting some thing or not having or losing it. Figure three shows of the way the notion of cost adjustments in keeping with having or no longer having some thing: Figure 2: The Value of Something In different words “the price of some thing” is measured with the aid of the impact it generates and its impact upon implementation, and no longer by means of the economic fee implied itself. Having the price of something principle clear, a venture inspiration may be categorised over one of the four dimensions according to the foremost benefit contribution: commercial enterprise increase, performance growth, fees reduction or felony compliance. The image under gives the 4 types of advantages an initiative may have: Figure 3: Pereira Diamond, 1st Level When engaging in a commercial enterprise case to evaluate a mission viability, the estimation ought to be based at the monetary fee generated and no longer on a monetary attitude (eg. Liquidity level; Repayment time table of external financing over the years, depreciations; and so on …). So, the economic fee added through an initiative isn’t always measured with the aid of the cost involved however as a substitute, by using the financial impact generated, as a result the significance ofthe know-how the principle of the fee of things (parent 3) throughout the advantages identification and estimation procedure.
The International Journal Of Business & Management (ISSN 2321 –8916) www.Theijbm.Com fifty one Vol 3 Issue three March, 2015 In order to instantiate and arrange the initiative’s advantages under attention, each of these dimensions can remember one-of-a-kind scenarios relying on the problem with the intention to clear up or mitigate. The following photo (Figure four) illustrates the second one stage of blessings inside every measurement:

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