Kitchen & Barbecue Project in Santa Ponsa

Excellence and offset made with clean lines and top notch materials

Designer: Sophisticated Projects

Task: Vidal PiƱeiro Arquitectos

Clean lines and natural hues loan a quality of straightforwardness to this excellent kitchen by Espacio Home Design. Bespoke organizers with coordinated handles and a focal island outfitted with a circumspect sink offer viable arrangements while abstaining from intruding on the stream. The alluring island likewise has a rack intended to hold cookbooks and trimmings.

The sythesis of the various components, nature of the materials and utilization of front line kitchen brands are for the most part critical. The electrical apparatuses, including the enlistments hob, stove and wine bureau, are by Gaggenau. The ice chest and dishwasher planned by Miele. The exceptionally effective extractor fan is Gutmann designing.

The unrivaled quality and assorted variety of the materials includes profundity and tone. Binissalem-style Zarci-hued stone worktops stand out from the rewarded oak subtleties. The hues were chosen by the customer and exceptionally customized. The planner stools are at the same time practical and centerpieces. Without a doubt, each bit of feasting furniture has been deliberately considered as an individual piece and for its job in the organization of a genuinely inspiring space.

Past the kitchen, the grill zone gives another agreeable zone to cooking. The smooth grill is incorporated into a characteristic hued stone divider, which echoes that of the kitchen and brings into the contemporary Santa Ponsa manor the glow and life of the island’s common scene. By and by, the materials have a significant impact in the general vision of style and feeling of parity. This kitchen and grill venture has accomplished that Mediterranean vibe, which welcomes loved ones to assemble to appreciate extraordinary discussion and food.

Address: Calle Eusebi Estada, 11b, Palma


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