I beg every one of you to do your part. Speak loudly. Permit yourself to be heard. Take an interest where you can. The future has numerology reading a place with us all, not simply to a lot of rich and influential individuals who are looking to make a world in their own picture.

Endowments of Love and Light

Michael John Fierro

Numerologist/Author/Lecturer/Life Coach

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The Most Powerful Day of the Year

11/20/2018 1 Comment


November 22, 2018


​So far in the 21st century, we have been honored with a 11 Universal Year like clockwork (2009, 2018), a pattern that will proceed for a significant length of time (2027, 2036, 2045…). The coming of the 11 Universal Year prompts a moderately uncommon numerological occasion, the 44 Universal Day. That implies that pushing ahead into the future, at regular intervals we will have the intensity of the 44 Universal Day in our lives. (The 11 Universal Year likewise gives us a 33 Universal Day on November 11). The most extraordinary of this kind of Master Number energy day would be the 55 Universal Day which can just occur on November 22 out of a 22 Universal Year. The last one would have been November 22, 1993. We won’t see an additional 55 Day in the course of our lives, or the lifetimes of our kids or grandkids.

We are in temporary occasions in our aggregate presence. A significant part of the turmoil, viciousness, and upset that is occurring is an immediate consequence of the shaking off of the old so as to clear a path for another, more serene, kind, and adoring world. The old world requests of influence and cash will never go discreetly. We should envision the obstruction on their part and act likewise as we progress to a more accommodating and fair world. As I composed a year ago in my yearly conjecture for 2018, the dominating energies of the Eleven are instructing and motivating. We have had a year loaded with exercises. Some have been educated and acknowledged enthusiastically and, many have been compelled to the surface with the goal that we may face them.

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